My Boss Referred Me to a Chiropractor

Working in an office for most of my life has caused me to have major back issues. I sit in front of a computer for many hours, and it’s difficult for me to remember to get up and take stretch breaks when I get into a groove and I’m being productive. Because of this, my posture and overall back health has been deteriorating over time. I spoke with my boss, who referred me to a chiropractor in Peoria for treatment. The entire referral process was easier than I thought it would be, so I’m very happy in my decision to speak to someone at work.

After I was given the referral, I took the contact information I was given and scheduled an appointment. The person who answered the phone asked me a few questions, including my name, phone number, and reason for scheduling the appointment. I basically told her the same thing that I mentioned earlier. I believed that my poor posture at work had led to the issues that I was facing today. These issues include back and neck pain, even when I’m not sitting in front of the computer. It’s more than just an annoyance. It’s interfering with my ability to perform my work in a comfortable manner.

The receptionist acknowledged what I told her, and empathized with me. She told me about how she encountered a similar situation, before she worked at the chiropractor’s office. She spent many hours in front of the computer, and it was difficult for her to maintain appropriate posture. She told me that she went to a chiropractor, and after a few treatments, she felt like she was completely better. Her words of encouragement instantly made me feel better, and I was looking forward to my appointment even more after our conversation. She really put me at ease.